What is the domain name ryml.me is it Royal Mail ? [RESOLVED]

You may have had a text message or an e-mail with the domain name ryml.me mentioned. Many people may think this is a fake domain as it is not the usual one used by Royal Mail.

You may also notice that the message is in the same text message thread (chain) as other genuine ones from Royal Mail. The scammers do this by faking the Royal Mail text number so it shows the same.

The domain name ryml.me is known to be a genuine Royal mail domain name that they use on text messages.

It took a bit of investigating by our team. But one member of our team recently (January 2022) placed an order with a large well known retailer here in the UK, he got an e-mail from Royal Mail to say his item was on the way and at the same time got a text message with the domain name ryml.me and the retailer name. We checked the URL and it redirects to the main Royal Mail website.

The general domain name for Royal Mail is www.royalmail.com

Royal Mail sent a tweet about this very domain a few years ago, however they may have since purchased it.

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