Rogue – Android malware that gives hackers full control to a phone

Rogue is a Android malware that is created by Triangulum and HeXaGoN Dev, known Android malware creators that have been selling their products on underground markets for quite some time.

The malware creator has joined forces with HexaGoN Dev, which specializes in the building of Android RATs. Beforehand, Triangulum bought projects from NexaGoN Dev. “The mix of HeXaGon Dev’s programming skills and Triangulum’s social marketing abilities clearly posed a legitimate threat,” Check Point’s security researchers note.

Known as ‘Rogue’ Remote Administration Tool (RAT), the malware infects victims with a keylogger, permitting attackers to effectively monitor the utilization of sites and applications to take usernames and passwords.

This new malware is accessible on underground forums for as low as $29.99.

The malware is normally pushed on a victim’s phone either by phishing, malevolent applications, or other such techniques. 


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