Microsoft Media Foundation Code Execution Vulnerability [CVE-2020-0738]

CVE number – CVE-2020-0738

An exploitable type confusion vulnerability exists in the mfasfsrcsnk.dll of Microsoft Media Foundation 10.0.18362.207. A specially crafted ASF file can cause type confusion, resulting in remote code execution. An attacker needs to provide a malformed file to the victim to trigger the vulnerability.

This vulnerability is present in the Media Foundation MPEG4 dll which is part of the Microsoft Media Foundation framework. The Microsoft Media Foundation is a COM based multimedia framework available in Microsoft Windows since Windows Vista. It provides all sort of functionality related with audio/video operations. A specially crafted ASF file can lead to a type confusion vulnerability and could subequently lead to remote code execution.

To trigger the vulnerability we will use one of the SDK example applications available here :

What is Microsoft Media Foundation ?

Microsoft Media Foundation enables the development of applications and components for using digital media on Windows Vista and later.

Media Foundation is the next generation multimedia platform for Windows that enables developers, consumers, and content providers to embrace the new wave of premium content with enhanced robustness, unparalleled quality, and seamless interoperability.

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