Whats new in PowerShell 7 [Preview 6]

Microsoft has now shipped PowerShell 7 Preview.6! This release contains a number of new features and many bug fixes from both the community as well as the PowerShell team. See the Release Notes for all the details of what is included in this release.

This will be the last preview release as Microsoft head towards a Release Candidate in December. For the Release Candidate, there will be no more new features although small changes to cmdlets may still be accepted depending on risk of the change. Bug fixes will still be accepted but also accessed for their risk of causing a regression. Finally, we expect General Availability of PowerShell 7 in January as the first Long Term Servicing release.

This release has a number of new features from both the community as well as the PowerShell team. Remember that preview releases of PowerShell are installed side-by-side with stable versions so you can use both and provide us feedback on previews for bugs and also on experimental features.

You can read about new features in previous preview releases:

If you want to know more about this release, click here

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