Multiple HTTP/2 implementations are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks

Multiple HTTP/2 implementations are vulnerable to a variety of denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.

Netflix discovered several resource exhaustion vectors affecting a variety of third-party HTTP/2 implementations. These attack vectors can be used to launch DoS attacks against servers that support HTTP/2 communication.

Netflix worked with Google and CERT/CC to coordinate disclosure to the Internet community.

In most cases, an immediate workaround is to disable HTTP/2 support. However, this may cause performance degradation, and it might not be possible in all cases. To obtain software fixes, please contact your software vendor.

A number of vendors have announced patches to correct this suboptimal behaviour.

Further information regarding HTTP/2 can be found here.

Further information regarding this vulnerability can be found here.

Vendor Information

Please see this matrix of affected products and vulnerabilities.

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