Google Launches UK Job Searching Service

If you are looking for a new job, there are plenty of job sites out there for you to check out. There are even plenty of aggregation sites that pull in vacancies from multiple sources and make the hunting process that bit easier. But Google has now announced its brought one of its own to the UK.

Like Google search the new job aggregation tool is free, and doesn’t cost job sites or hunters any money to use. According to Google it’ll be supported by ads, and no more ads than you’d usually find in search results. It’ll also automatically list “the “freshest and most relevant” vacancies, based on the user’s location.

The Google For Jobs service already exists in the US, Spain and parts of Africa, where the firm claims to have already connected millions of people to new job opportunities. In addition to the larger listing sites, Google has also partnered with thousands of smaller specialist platforms.

To use the service just visit Google and type in what your looking for, for example we typed sales jobs in stoke on trent  and got the results below.

google job search

Duncan Newell

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