Ofcom Approves BBC’s Commissioning Code of Practice

Ofcom has today approved the BBC’s Commissioning Code of Practice for Representation, Portrayal and Diversity.

The BBC has a unique role to play in ensuring that diverse communities across the whole UK are accurately represented and authentically portrayed. Commissioning practices, from programme development to delivery, play a crucial role in supporting this objective.

Ofcom’s Operating Licence for the BBC requires the corporation to establish a Code of Practice, setting out steps it will take when commissioning content to ensure diversity considerations are central to the process.

The Code of Practice must cover all in-house and external commissions across all types of programmes, as well as measures to improve diversity both on and off screen.

Ofcom’s view is that the Code of Practice provided by the BBC meets these Licence requirements. The BBC is now required to monitor its compliance with the Code and report annually to Ofcom.

The BBC has published the Code of Practice on its website, and Ofcom’s letter to the BBC granting approval (PDF, 163.5 KB) is also available.

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