Sophos UTM Up2Date 9.506 Released

Sophos have released Sophos UTM 9.506. The release will be rolled out in phases. In phase 1 you can download the update package via their FTP server, in phase 2 itwill spread via the Up2Date servers.


  • System will be rebooted
  • Connected APs will perform firmware upgrade
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade


  • NUTM-8651 [AWS] AWS Permission for “Import Via Amazon Credentials”
  • NUTM-7678 [Access & Identity] Pluto dies with coredump at L2TP connections
  • NUTM-8211 [Access & Identity] SSL VPN connection issue with prefetched AD groups
  • NUTM-8756 [Access & Identity] AUA debug log contains plain text passwords
  • NUTM-8889 [Access & Identity] ESPdump with algorithm GCM does not work
  • NUTM-8912 [Access & Identity] HTML5 VPN: keyboard input not working on Android devices
  • NUTM-7670 [Basesystem] Update to BIND 9.10.6
  • NUTM-8427 [Basesystem] postgres[xxxxx]: [x-x] FATAL:  could not create shared memory segment: No space left on device
  • NUTM-8769 [Basesystem] Small models of  SG105 / SG115 / SG125 / SG135 take over 5 minutes to accept network connection
  • NUTM-9063 [Configuration Management] Regenerating the Web Proxy CA breaks all SSL VPN clients
  • NUTM-8313 [Email] POP3 Proxy generate core dumps in versions v9.414 and v9.501
  • NUTM-8509 [Email] Remove 3DES and SHA1 from SMIME
  • NUTM-8645 [Email] MIME Type Detection 9.5
  • NUTM-9061 [Email] User cannot open the SMTP Routing tab
  • NUTM-8419 [Logging] “Search Log Files” has different search result in spite of same time frame
  • NUTM-8783 [Logging] SMBv1 still required for remote logging to a smb share
  • NUTM-8341 [Network] Network monitor core dump
  • NUTM-8685 [Network] Some clients display an “Unknown” vendor on the wireless client list
  • NUTM-8738 [Network] Error messages in fallback log about damaged static routes
  • NUTM-8838 [Network] Watchdog consumes constantly 100% CPU
  • NUTM-7396 [RED] UTM RED kernel log shows “seq invalid” messages
  • NUTM-6968 [REST API] Insert REFs of new objects into single REF node
  • NUTM-7981 [Reporting] WAF-reporter logs irrelevant information
  • NUTM-8359 [Reporting] SMTP log on Mail Manager is empty after upgrading postgres to 64bit
  • NUTM-7802 [Sandboxd] If using a ‘ character in the email address, postgres is not able to insert this to the TransactionLog (Sandbox)
  • NUTM-8715 [UI Framework] Unable to access “Manage Computers” page
  • NUTM-8061 [WAF] WAF still reporting virus found when AV engine on the UTM is updating
  • NUTM-8751 [WAF] Newly created web server listens on the slave node instead of the master node
  • NUTM-8806 [WAF] Issue with TLS settings for virtual webserver
  • NUTM-8861 [WAF] Leftover of shm files cause a WAF restart loop
  • NUTM-5964 [WebAdmin] Support Access: WebAdmin not properly displayed after login via APU
  • NUTM-8512 [WebAdmin] Can’t use string (“0”) as a HASH ref while “strict refs” in use at /wfe/asg/modules/asg_ca.pmline 1105
  • NUTM-8571 [WebAdmin] User with only “Report Auditor” rights receives strict refs error after login into WebAdmin
  • NUTM-8807 [WebAdmin] External link to Sophos UTM Knowledge Base is not correct
  • NUTM-8871 [WebAdmin] Year of Single Time Events cannot be later than 2019
  • NUTM-7994 [Web] Customized templates do not allow to accept quota and access site
  • NUTM-8037 [Web] HA: Low disk space alert from slave
  • NUTM-8107 [Web] CONFD.PLX is taking high CPU load
  • NUTM-8502 [Web] HTTP Proxy coredumps with CentralFreeList in v9.413
  • NUTM-8687 [Web] Segfault and coredump from HTTP proxy
  • NUTM-8691 [Web] Certificate error on accessing sites with https scanning enabled
  • NUTM-8752 [Web] NTLM Issue with AD SSO in Transparent Mode
  • NUTM-8771 [Web] Wrong country showing up in Web proxy requests
  • NUTM-8826 [Web] Teamviewer via Standard Mode with AD-SSO not possible since v9.502
  • NUTM-8834 [Web] iOS11 user agent string is not detected as iOS
  • NUTM-8849 [Web] Can’t download with HTTP proxy in Transparent Mode
  • NUTM-3129 [Wireless] SG125w failed to create interface wifi0: -23 (Too many open files in system)
  • NUTM-4720 [Wireless] Issues with 2.4 GHz channel 12 and 13 / inconsistent channel availibility / AWE_DEVICE_CHANNEL_INVALID
  • NUTM-8288 [Wireless] Roaming issues with iPhone7 and RADIUS authentication
  • NUTM-8391 [Wireless] AP55C/AP100X disconnecting from UTM repeatedly

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Duncan is a technology professional with over 20 years experience of working in various IT roles. He has a interest in cyber security, and has a wide range of other skills in radio, electronics and telecommunications.

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