MitraStar DSL-100HN-T1/GPT-2541GNAC – Privilege Escalation

Models affected: MitraStar DSL-100HN-T1 and MitraStar GPT-2541GNAC (HGU)

Software versions: ES_113WJY0b16 (DSL-100HN-T1) and 1.00(VNJ0)b1 (GPT-2541GNAC)

Vulnerability analysis:


SSH has a bad configuration that allows execute commands when you connect avoiding the default shell that the manufacturer provide us.

$ ssh [email protected] /bin/sh

This give us a shell with root permissions.

Note: the password for 1234 user is under the router.

You can copy all file system to your local machine using scp.

In some of the MitraStar routers there is a zyad1234 user with password zyad1234 that have the same permissions of the 1234 user (root).


In the latest firmware versions this have been fixed.

If you try to execute scp, the router’s configuration file will be copy to your computer instead of any file as occurred before.

Provider Homepage:

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