Can I Delete The WER Folder ?

Can I Delete The WER Folder ?

If your running low on space on your PC or server you have probably done a search for large files and found quite a few in the WER folder.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\reportqueue  (ProgramData maybe a hidden folder)



WER stands for Windows Error Reporting (WER). Windows Error Reporting collects and offers to send post-error debug information (a memory dump), using the Internet, to the developer of an application that crashes or stops responding on a user’s desktop.

  • Windows Error Reporting: Windows Error Reporting in Windows is a feature that allows Microsoft to track and address errors relating to the operating system, Windows features, and applications. Windows Error Reporting gives users the opportunity to send data about errors to Microsoft and to receive information about solutions. Solution information can include instructions for working around a problem, or a link to the Windows Update Web site or another Web site for updated drivers, patches, or Microsoft Knowledge Base articles. Microsoft developers can use Windows Error Reporting as a problem-solving tool to address customer problems in a timely manner and to improve the quality of Microsoft products.
  • Problem Reports and Solutions: The Problem Reports and Solutions feature in Control Panel helps users track problem reports and any solution information they have received from Microsoft. Problem Reports and Solutions only helps the user store information. All Internet communication related to problem reports and solutions is handled by Windows Error Reporting, although the display of solution information in Problem Reports and Solutions uses a Web browser control.

Ask each time a problem occurs: Windows Error Reporting always prompts for consent before sending an error report.


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