Fake TSB Account Emails

There is a lot of fake TSB e-mails going around at the moment, here is the details for just one we received today.  We had two of these e-mails two hours apart from each other and they ended up in our inbox, and we have good spam protection so a lot of work has gone into this email to bypass spam filters on e-mail.   There is no obvious spelling or grammar errors on this e-mail.

On our e-mail the subject was TSB and the from address was [email protected] and the link they wanted you to click was iiinin.com/sign-in.php this then took you to another URL on the domain wlengineering.co.za with a fake login page, the aim of this is to get your login details.

The text of the e-mail said ” Due to several failed attempts to access your online Account . We temporarily de-activated your account access. To your Protection you have to Verify Your Identity . To confirm your account

Fake TSB login page

Fake TSB email

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