Product review guidelines

How to submit your product for review

Our website does allow product reviews – this is subject to our standard fee and guidelines – please contact us for further details.

Product review guidelines

When you submit a product for review you could gain more exposure, inbound links and visitors via organic traffic to your website.

All product reviews are subject to approval by SystemTek before they are added to our website.

Your product must be “technology” related. This can be a physical item or software.

We will independently review your product, depending on your product this can take a varying amount of time. For example if you wanted us to review a computer mouse this may only take a week or so, with one of our team using it daily, but if you wanted us to review a laptop this may take longer.

Any inbound or return postage charges are at the submitters expense. We are happy to return a product after testing if you request us to do so.

Types of reviews

We offer a standard written review of your product, this will be in the form of a blog post on our site, and would also include images and links.

In addition to the written review we also offer video reviews, these are hosted on YouTube for maximum exposure. The video is added to the written review if you choose both options.

Video reviews are more popular than ever. Many people now go straight to YouTube to search for a product review rather than using a search engine.

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