Banner ad guidelines

How to submit your banner ad

Our website does allow banner adverts – this is subject to our standard fee and guidelines – please contact us for further details.

Why choose a banner ad on our site ?

There is a number of options available if you wish to use banner ads. One of the most popular way’s is to promote your business or product by using Google Ad’s, but this has a few downsides. Many new web browsers can actively block such ads, people use anti virus or ad blockers which stop such adverts been displayed. The ad on our site appears as just a normal site image, so is not blocked by such software.

There is also a complicated pricing structure, of cost per click and impressions which many people don’t fully understand. Our fees are straightforward you pay for how long you want the advert to be displayed for.

Banner ad guidelines

When you submit a banner ad you could gain exposure, inbound links and visitors via organic traffic.

All banner ads are subject to approval by SystemTek before they are added to our website.

Your banner ad must be to a site, product or service that is “technology” related. Please note we do not accept Casino, gambling or any other non technology related subject.

Banner ad sizes

Banner adverts can be displayed for a minimum of 1 month. Fee is based on a a per month basis, with a discount offered for over 3 months.

Fee is to be paid in advance, and the period of the ad maybe extended for an additional fee, if required.

You must supply us with the ad image (we are not currently in a position to produce these for you)

There is currently a number of options for banner ads, we have the following standard size ads available :-

Top bar (to the right of our main logo) – Size 728×90

Right bar (on the right side bar) – Size 300×250

Bottom Bar (at the bottom of site) – Size 320×100

Please note that these ad slots are subject to availability.

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