New call for UK public to stop using One Step model SM-5250 heated hairbrush and dryer

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has issued a further warning to the public to stop using a heated hairbrush and dryer which can catch fire during normal use.

The product, originally branded ‘One Step model SM-5250’, was initially subject to a Safety Gate alert notified by the UK in 2020. However, OPSS has since identified it is again being sold through online marketplaces. OPSS Recall alerts have now been posted on our ‘Product Safety Alerts, Reports and Recalls’ page where you can check the details.

However, OPSS is also warning that unscrupulous sellers may be badging these dangerous products under a variety of brand names.

As a result, the public are being asked to be extra vigilant and check the design of any heated hairbrushes in their home, coloured black and pink (see image). The easiest step is to check if the manufacturer’s name and address is on the product itself. If it is not, then consumers must stop using them immediately and contact the seller.

This urgent warning to the public has been issued by OPSS following its own tests of models it purchased through online marketplaces in recent weeks. All were found to be non-compliant, and a number caught fire during testing. Since issuing the warning on July 9, OPSS has uncovered further examples of this unsafe product on sale and taken action to have them removed from sale.

OPSS Chief Executive Graham Russell said:

“OPSS is issuing this further warning to the public because we believe there is real danger that these products will cause serious harm if used. OPSS has been working around the clock to take down these products since they were first identified but the multiple brand names under which they are sold means we need the public to take extra care.

One Step model SM-5250

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