ATM Card – Scam Email ([email protected])

The following e-mail is doing the rounds regarding an ATM card in your name, if you receive the following e-mail we suggest you delete the e-mail as it is spam.

Federal Bureau of Investigation FBIJohn F. Kennedy International Airport


I am contacting you personally to notify you of our discovery as well  as get some facts from you because recently we arrested a Peru  Citizen  who works with a custom office in John Kennedy International Airport  New York with an ATM CARD bearing your  name on it as the beneficiary and  the owner of the card. However the  entire parcel containing the proof of claim of ownership which includes 4 digit secret PIN # also in your name has also been recovered from him.

After we arrested and interrogated him, he confessed his name as Mr.   Juan Foster who works with the Chief Control  Custom office, in John Kennedy International Airport  New York  He further  confessed that he was approached by chief Control Custom  about the  diversion of a parcel containing ATM MASTER CARD belonging to one foreigner which he agreed and then they collaborated to divert your  ATM MASTER CARD  value USD$10,5 Million Dollars from been dispatched to the real destination.

To further conclude our investigation, we would like to hear from you immediately to enable us to send out your ATM card back to you once your  information is the same with what we have here in our record. Awaiting  your immediate response re-confirming your full contact details for verification  and investigation so that the card can be sent to you. The details we need  are as follows:1. Your Full names2. Your contact address.3. Your Direct Phone Number.  

Best Regards,



John F. Kennedy International Airport

E-mail: [email protected]

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