What is Not Actionable category on Cisco FirePower [RESOLVED]

Cisco has added a new Content Category. This was started on April 3rd 2019, supported Cisco platforms using Talos Intelligence will receive a new “Not Actionable” category. If you have only recently updated your FirePower or you have blocked Not Actionable then you may run into issues with some sites not loading.

This category applies to sites that Cisco Talos has analysed, but due to the nature of the site, a more specific category cannot be applied.

The Not Actionable category includes sites that previously would be blocked if the customer restricted access to uncategorized sites. Sites labelled “Not Actionable” may not load any content or remain unresponsive when directly loaded into a browser, the domains may not currently be reachable, or they are primarily composed of dynamically generated media that does not fit into a more specific category.

It seems that URL category “not actionable” was previously known as “uncategorized” however we have seen issues where this new category seems to be blocking certain sites that were working in the past.

You may need to create a whitelist for such sites if you currently block the”Not Actionable” category.

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