Trend Micro Home Network Security privilege escalation vulnerability [CVE-2021-32458]

CVE number = CVE-2021-32458

A privilege escalation vulnerability exists in the tdts.ko chrdev_ioctl_handle functionality of Trend Micro, Inc. Home Network Security 6.1.567.

A specially crafted ioctl can lead to code execution. An attacker can issue an ioctl to trigger this vulnerability.

The Home Network Security Station is a device used to monitor and protect home networks from security threats as well as offer simple network management features. The Station provides vulnerability scanning, web threat protection, intrusion prevention, as well as device-based access control for all devices on a home network.

This vulnerability is caused by the lack of input validation on a user’s ioctl request from user land. The upper 16 bits from the ioctl request (AND with 0x3FFF, so 14 bits total) are blindly used as input to __copy_from_user to a stack-based buffer in kernel space. The stack-based buffer is smaller than the maximum ioctl request copy size of 0x3FFF and thus overflows. A user can carefully craft input such that they could get control over PC within due to this copy.

Duncan Newell

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