BitRAT RAT delivered by APOMacroSploit Malware Builder

The BitRAT Remote Access Trojan (RAT) has been observed recently being delivered by APOMacroSploit, a macro exploit generator that can bypass antivirus software and phishing detections.

BitRAT is listed on many websites as “the best RAT of 2021” and is been recommended by many websites as a genuine tool.

Back in November 2020 Check Point Research detected a new Office malware builder called APOMacroSploit, which was implicated in multiple malicious emails to more than 80 customers worldwide. The tool includes features to evade detection by Windows Defender and is updated daily to ensure low detection rates.

The APOMacroSploit malware infection begins when the dynamic content of the attached XLS document is enabled, and an XLM macro automatically starts downloading a Windows system command script.

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Jason Davies

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