IronNetInjector Malware

Palo Alto have published a blog post analyzing IronNetInjector, a new malware loading tool attributed to Turla.

IronNetInjector is composed of IronPython scripts and an injector used to load a final payload. IronPython is an open-source project that allows Python code to use .NET framework APIs without compiling a .NET assembly.

The IronPython script in this case executes the .NET injector. The injector and the malicious payloads are both Base64-encoded and Rijndael-encrypted. The injector is able to load either PE files or .NET assemblies into either its own process or a remote process.

The main malware family being loaded by IronNetInjector samples identified by Palo Alto was ComRAT, however an RPC backdoor and unknown malware were also identified.

The researchers were unable to determine the initial infection vector used to deliver this tool.

Indicators of Compromise

IronPython scripts

b641687696b66e6e820618acc4765162298ba3e9106df4ef44b2218086ce8040 (, submitter 1)

c430ebab4bf827303bc4ad95d40eecc7988bdc17cc139c8f88466bc536755d4e (, submitter 1)

c1b8ecce81cf4ff45d9032dc554efdc7a1ab776a2d24fdb34d1ffce15ef61aad (, submitter 2)

8df0c705da0eab20ba977b608f5a19536e53e89b14e4a7863b7fd534bd75fd72 (, submitter 3)

b5b4d06e1668d11114b99dbd267cde784d33a3f546993d09ede8b9394d90ebb3 (, submitter 3)

b095fd3bd3ed8be178dafe47fc00c5821ea31d3f67d658910610a06a1252f47d (, submitter 3)

3aa37559ef282ee3ee67c4a61ce4786e38d5bbe19bdcbeae0ef504d79be752b6 (, submitter 4)

Injector samples

a56f69726a237455bac4c9ac7a20398ba1f50d2895e5b0a8ac7f1cdb288c32cc (2019 variant, submitter 4)

c59fadeb8f58bbdbd73d9a2ac0d889d1a0a06295f1b914c0bd5617cfb1a08ce9 (2018 variant, submitter 5)

Bootstrapper samples



Related samples

82333533f7f7cb4123bceee76358b36d4110e03c2219b80dced5a4d63424cc93 (IronPython-2.7.7z, submitter 1)

a62e1a866bc248398b6abe48fdb44f482f91d19ccd52d9447cda9bc074617d56 (ComRAT v4 variant, submitter 4)

18c173433daafcc3aea17fc4f7792d0ff235f4075a00feda88aa1c9f8f6e1746 (RPC backdoor variant, submitter 5)

a64e79a81b5089084ff88e3f4130e9d5fa75e732a1d310a1ae8de767cbbab061 (RPC backdoor variant, submitter 5)

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