Massive DDoS attack brings down 25% Of Iranian Internet connectivity

A massive cyberattack has brought down a large portion of the Iranian Internet, according to the experts the national connectivity fell to 75%.

According to NetBlock, the connectivity issue was observed after the Iranian Government has deployed the “Digital Fortress” (also known as D DEZHFA/Dejfa) which is the national cyber shield.

“Network data from the NetBlocks internet observatory confirm extensive disruption to telecommunication networks in Iran on the morning of Saturday, 8 February 2020 lasting several hours.” reads a post published by NetBlocks.

“Network data show a distinct fall in connectivity with several of Iran’s leading network operators from approximately 11:45 a.m. local time (08:15 UTC) affecting cellular and fixed-line operators. Partial recovery was observed one hour after the initial shutdown but other networks returned some seven hours after the incident onset. National connectivity fell to a low point of 75% of ordinary levels for a period during the morning.”

A spokesperson for Iran’s Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, confirmed via Twitter that a DDoS attack had been “normalized” with the “intervention of the Dzhafa Shield.”

Jason Davies

UK based technology professional, with an interest in computer security and telecoms.

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