Coronavirus Attacks Spread Malware Infection

Mimecast and other vendors have detected an e-mail campaign that is targeting users around the world, the e-mails have various content relating to the current Coronavirus.

Concern over the spreading coronavirus from China is legitimate and real. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus a global health emergency. As we know when such big events happen scammers will see an oppertunaty to act.

Clicking the link’s in the email will lead to a covert malware download.

We can expect to see more malicious email traffic based on the coronavirus in the future, as the infection spreads.

Some of these attacks deliver the Emotet trojan.

Indicators of Compromise

MD5 Hashes

8C809B4AC6D95CE85A0F04CD04B7A7EA 586FB4A6FFDFEB423F1F1782AAA9BB9F



C2 Server

Emotet Malware URL

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