Google stops Chrome 79 update on Android after bug wipes user data

Google has said that it has stopped the rollout of Chrome 79 on Android following reports that a bug in the update was deleting data from third-party apps that use the WebView framework (a pre-installed system component powered by Chrome that allows apps to display web content).

According to 9to5 Google On Friday morning, Android developers reliant on WebView and local storage began encountering an issue where their apps lost data after users updated to version 79 of WebView. Those affected took to Chromium’s bug tracker, and have described the incident as a “catastrophe” and “major issue.”

To the normal user it would appear as if apps were entirely reset and just downloaded for the first time. This includes saved data disappearing or being logged out. Most users will blame the app developers for a problem like this, but in this case the issue is out of their hands.

Jason Davies

UK based technology professional, with an interest in computer security and telecoms.

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