INPIVX Ransomware Service

INPIVX is a newly observed service offering buyers access to a comprehensive ransomware tool and control dashboard. Unlike other ransomware-as-a-service tools, the group operating INPIVX do not offer hosting or delivery services.

The ransmware package sells for $500, it also includes the decryption tool, operators also provide a detailed tutorial.

The service is intended for non-technical buyers to run their own campaigns by supplying them with the source-code for the ransomware and the dashboard for a set price; although they will still have to distribute the malware themselves.

INPIVX’s malware is written in C++ and is fully customisable by buyers, with only the encryption algorithm (AES encryption using RSA encrypted keys) being identical across all versions. A decryption tool is also provided.

The PHP-based dashboard shows buyers information including ransomware installations, number of encrypted files and affected systems as well as user and system information for each affected device.

As INPIVX’s source code is readily available for purchase, it is likely that other attackers will begin to use it in their future campaigns.

Affected Platforms

Microsoft Windows – All versions


Jason Davies

UK based technology professional, with an interest in computer security and telecoms.

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