Product Recall – LED Hydroponics Ltd – Greenhouse Lamp

Lighting equipment

Greenhouse lamp

LED Hydroponics Ltd

Super Helios 4

Type / number of model
Lamp Power: 800W

6 Bands

Batch number / Barcode

Risk type
Electric shock, Fire

The distances between the transformer’s windings are insufficient and the live terminal of the plug socket is inadequately protected.

As a consequence, live parts may become accessible which could lead to an electric shock.

Additionally, the insufficient distance in the transformer’s windings can cause overheating during normal use and thus lead to a fire.

The product does not comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European Standards EN 60598, EN 61347 and EN 62471.

Measures taken by economic operators
Destruction of the product (By: Importer)

Ceiling lamp for hydroponic plant cultures consisting of 4 LED lights in black plastic casing with an electrical plug.

Country of origin

Alert submitted by
United Kingdom

Risk level

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