Product Recall – Vype eTank Pro E-Cigarettes Sold At Sainsbury’s and Argos

Vype eTank Pro E-Cigarettes Sold At Sainsbury’s and Argos

Brand:  Argos, Sainsburys

Model number:   The following product codes have been affected:

  • I6J19MAECetp1
  • I6J19AAECetp1
  • I6J19NAECetp1
  • I6J20MAECetp1
  • I6J20AAECetp1
  • I6K09MAECetp1
  • I6K09AAECetp1
  • I6K09NAECetp1
  • I6K10MAECetp1
  • I6K10AAECetp1
  • I6K10NAECetp1
  • I6K11MAECetp1
  • I6K11AAECetp1
  • I6K11NAECetp1
  • I6K12MAECetp1
  • I6L09MAECetp1
  • I6L09AAECetp1
  • I6L14MAECetp1
  • I6L14AAECetp1
  • I6L14NAECetp1
  • I7A04MAECetp1
  • I7A04AAECetp1
  • I7A04NAECetp1
  • I7A05MAECetp1
  • I7A05AAECetp1
  • I7A05NAECetp1
  • I7A07MAECetp1
  • I7A07AAECetp1
  • I7A07NAECetp1
  • I7A08MAECetp1

Recall date(s): 02/08/2018

Description: Vype eTank Pro e-cigarettes have been recalled.

Risk: There is potential for the battery to short circuit in particular product batches, which may pose a fire risk.

What to do:  If you are in possession of a Vype eTank Pro and/or a standalone battery for the Vype eTank Pro, please make sure you check the product code.

To check the product code, unscrew the battery’s clearomiser to find the number at the top of the battery.

Devices purchased from Sainsbury’s have the code on the back of the Vype eTank Pro kits.

If you have an affected product, stop using it and return it. You will be offered either a replacement device or a full refund.

You can contact Vype by email at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can contact them by phone at 0800 520 0150.

For more information about how to check the product code on your device, please go to

eTank Pro

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