Power On Issues On Sophos SG310 Appliance

Issue :

Power on issues on Sophos SG310 appliance

Resolution :

Sophos are using ATX Power Supplies in their appliances, which have a power switch to turn it on or off.

In case you do a shut-down using the LCD-Panel, WebAdmin or on the console, the system goes down and halts.

The Power Supply Unit still gets power, and provides low power to different components on the main board. This means that the system doesn’t completely power off.

On a standard desktop computer for example, this is used to turn it on using the push button from the front panel.

To turn the appliance on again, you have to switch off the power supply unit and wait roughly 10 seconds before you can power it on again.

This is to protect components like capacitors or inductors, which have to discharge from delivering low voltage to the Motherboard.

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