Cisco 6921 and 6961 IP Phone Line Text Label Not Working

We have found that the line text label can not be displayed on the Cisco 6921 or 6961 IP phone.

According to the user manual it should display the line text label if the phone is idle:

Under “Line details and other phone information” it say’s “During a call, displays details for the active line. If not on a call, displays line text label and other information such as placed calls, speed dials, and phone menu listings.


Cisco TAC SR have said there is an error in the documentation, not in the phone. The display is apparently too limited to display the line text label so this is not possible.   Cisco Bug CSCtd52504

CUCM Admin page shows Linetextlabel setting for line of 6921/6961.
6921 and 6961 don’t support Linetextlabel setting, so CUCM needs to remove this field.

6921/6961: 8.5.3

Ignore linetextlabel field

Further Problem Description:
Only 6941 in 6900 series supports linetext label.

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