UK Call Charges

UK Call Charges

Most people want to know how much a phone call costs, but many are unsure what the cost is and what the different numbers mean.  We have put together this list of useful websites relating to UK telephone call charges, and what the different numbers mean.

It is always best to check on your providers official website for specific call charges on the tariff or plan you are on. – A page on the government website which indicates the call charge rates for numbers, they indicate the possible range of costs associated with a number. – A page from the telecoms regulator Ofcom. Here you can enter the first few digits or a number and it will tell you how much the call will cost you.  – UK tariff guide from BT.  Check what a call costs from a BT landline. – Call charges to 101 non emergency number. – A list that shows what each area code is, plus explains other number formats. – BT directory enquiries.  Lookup a number if you know a persons name and location. – Lists alternative geographic numbers instead of 0870 (and others)  numbers for well known companies.  This can help save on your bills.

–           Please note we are not responsible for the information held on the above external web sites.  It is up to the site owners to ensure the sites are correct and up to date.


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